In a competitive, global industry, people are the single resource that can make the biggest difference to the performance of a company. It is possible to have old machinery and still make good products, if the company’s people are working to the optimum. However, if you have the most modern plant in the world and if the people are not fully capable, the products will not be up to the standard. In any highly labour-intensive industry where there are many facets to the process and its application, people can be the weakest link. With 3 decades of tannery experience, ALC Ltd has a number of ways to help a company develop its people:

Mentoring and Coaching

This is very useful when a new member of staff is appointed to a senior role from outside the industry. Close contact with the ALC Ltd consultant helps to explain the process, clarify the methods, set the standards and avoid some of the mistakes that can accompany "fresh-blood" and "the learning curve". Experience cannot perhaps be taught, but good practice can be learnt.


Either individually or in groups, training can cover any aspect of the process and be tailored to the needs of the individual company.

In exceptional circumstances, companies can find themselves with a serious short-term need, perhaps following the departure of a key individual to pastures-new. ALC Ltd can provide a consultant to give emergency cover to a company throughout the manufacturing process. This style of contract requires a block-booking of time.


It is probably true to say that one can never have enough contacts.

With 30 years in the trade and access to all sectors of the industry, ALC is well placed to help find business partners and make introductions.

Short of sales outlets

Have access to a raw material, but no knowledge of the potential for leather made from it?
Looking for an opportunity to convert stock into something more saleable?

Perhaps ALC can help provide connections that you would not find.

Alliance for Leather

This is a group of like-minded companies in the sector with complementary and overlapping skills. Between ALC and it's Alliance partners, the vast majority of issues can be resolved. Because we each cover different areas of specialisation, there is strength in our association with each other. Our experience is wide and delivery of projects overseas is a key ability. All seasoned professionals, each company runs on an autonomous basis, but can be called upon as a matter of first choice, by other Alliance members to provide an extension to skills, increasing the scope and value of each company's services to the customer. This way, overheads are kept at a reasonable level, giving a direct benefit to the customer in terms of project costs.

The commitment to delivery of quality services is an ethos that runs throughout the alliance.

Alliance member companies:

Director  John Avery FSLTC

W2O Environment Ltd
W2O Environment Ltd
Director  Dr Wolfram Scholz

Greentech + Associates
Greentech + Associates
Director  Richard Daniels MCGLI, FSLTC

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