ALC Ltd always aims to work in partnership with the client and team to achieve the best of results possible.
Contracts take a wide range of shapes and structures, because every job for us can be completely different from the last and involves a wide range of circumstances and factors – especially in the International Arena. This means that each different project requires careful attention to the specification of the work. When we are approached, we try to understand the needs of the client at the critical business level and to cover that, we have formulated standard trading terms & conditions as a focal point. We are aware however that individual projects differ and working with Agencies or NGOs, their methods are foremost.

Our standard terms and conditions are available below and can be downloaded as a PDF with a single click, should you require. It is key to observe these in the case of accepting an ALC project proposal – which turns it into a contract agreement. Variations can be accommodated in discussion prior to contract acceptance.

Download Terms and Conditions


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