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Privacy Policy

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) after 25 May 2018

We collect and hold individual and commercial contact details in order that we maintain a full and professional relationship with our business associates, whether private customers, project partners or companies in the supply chain. We do this purely to enable us to pursue legitimate business activities. We do not collect or hold sensitive information, biometrics, religious or ethnic details or political leanings – these are not necessary for us to do business together. Receipt of a business card from any new contact is understood as a request for further contact and that the individual concerned automatically agrees and consents to us holding their information on file.

We have not and would never sell-on contact details, database entries or mailing lists to another individual or organisation, unless by prior discussion and consent. This includes a scenario where a mutual business interest may be identified, consent is always sought first, before making an introduction. We do not perform any direct mass marketing by e-mail, so you will never receive a circular “mailshot” sales approach from us.

We keep your information stored in a password-protected computer system which itself is protected by field –leading antivirus and cyber-attack defence software, in an office which is locked outside of business hours, in a building which is locked all of the time and takes visitors by appointment only. Storage of information is necessary for us to fulfil our accounting and tax obligations as well as deal with sales and marketing, warranties and continued business. Details may be archived within the office as hard copies and held in locked filing cabinets. As required by HMRC, accounting details, invoices, accounts etc are held for a minimum of 6 years before we can delete them, according to UK Law.

Our website uses cookies on an anonymous basis to allow us to follow trends in visitors to our website, no personal data is collected for use or storage in this activity.

Like many companies, we outsource some services to other providers, our website and email management is through Spindlemedia UK Ltd www.spindlemedia.co.uk who use a hosting provider Heart Internet Ltd to host the website and email accounts on their servers, here is a link to their privacy policy https://www.heartinternet.uk/terms/heart-internet-privacy-statement

Our Information Compliance Manager is Mr John Avery and he can be contacted through the main e-mail address office@leatherconsultant.co.uk for any enquiries related to personal information. A message to the same e-mail address will allow any individual or group to start a review and adjustment activity regarding their stored information on file. We take the collection, storage and use of information seriously and seek at all times to do this in a professional and business-like fashion, within the structure of the legislation.


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