Are you:

  • Achieving the level of consistency your customers require from your products?
  • Controlling the level of internal reworking to your satisfaction?
  • Meeting delivery dates on a reliable basis?
  • Getting the best from the people in the front line?
  • Suffering under the same recurring quality issues and manufacturing mistakes time and again?
  • Struggling to meet environmental targets?
  • Intending to re-locate all or part of your business in the near future?
  • Seeking a project partner with key knowledge of the industry?


Perhaps ALC can help identify a different approach!

Our aims:

At ALC Ltd, we want to serve, support and help our clients to make progress in their field and gain optimum results in product, process and profitability. Working in the public sector as well as the private sector, we understand the needs of our clients are different in every case, so seek to gain an intimate knowledge of the requirements for every separate job.

This website is designed to give an insight into the ways that ALC Consulting and Support works.

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